“Anniryn is by far one of the most amazing people to work with in any project. Her high spirit and humor can make any project be fun and exciting. Her design skills and drawing skills are amazing, she really has an eye for details and also brings many ideas to the table that show her creativity, but most of all her professionalism.”

-Joel Lopez

Production Director at Ascentus
& Founder of Gamer's Hive

“Anniryn is both a pleasure to know and to work with. Over the years we have worked together, I have found her to be both effective and efficient in the way she manages her projects, and she is as creative as she is witty, which makes her a joy to be around each and every day.”


-Todd Thompson

Director and Producer-Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group / Co-Founder-Stars North / Owner-The Production Media Group

“Anniryn is a hard working individual that has an open mind. With her friendly attitude she makes, working environments enjoyable. When you need encouragement she is there, helping you find the best solution to your problem. Anniryn is a critical thinker, that is dependable and dedicated any task that she faces.”


-Michael Houlihan

Freelance Art Director at AZNmade

“Anniryn is a successful creative mind in Graphic Design and Web Development. I worked alongside her on an internal design team with The Walt Disney Company. Throughout this time Anniryn contributed to the team with brilliant ideas, effective designs and hard work while being a positive influence to everyone around her. I recommend Anniryn to be a great candidate to any position she may apply.”

-Andrew Whalen

Sr. Web/Graphic Designer at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

“Anniryn is a delight to work with. She always keeps the team in high spirits while doing her job like a pro. I have learned many design skills and life’s tidbits from Anniryn.”


-Anna Berry

Graphic Designer at Disney Destinations

“As a colleague and a best friend, I have had the pleasure to watch Anniryn’s talent grow and develop, making her a powerful creative force. Her imagination and motivation to create never ceases to amaze. Her ability to take rather plain concepts and transform them into extraordinary designs makes her a valuable asset to any creative team.”


-Sabdiasep Mercado

Illustrator, Calavera Comics



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